PATCH NOTES V3.0.76.796

PATCH NOTES V3.0.76.796

PATCH NOTES V3.0.76.796

Patch Notes v3.0.76.796 - New regions! Giant tentacles! A release date!

Behold one of our most exciting updates so far!

First and foremost: We have a release date! September 14th 2017 is the date on which all the content and features of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be unleashed upon the world.

We’re hard at work finishing the game, so our patch release rate may become slower. But rest assured, it’s because we’re putting all of our resources in making Divinity: Original Sin 2 as awesome as we can. We know you’ve all been eager to progress your adventure, and with this patch we’ve added… A LOT.

Two new areas will provide a huge narrative bang. You’ll help our heroes crash land in  Fort Joy and explore the next stage in their journey after they escape. Players with a profound fear of giant aquatic monstrosities, be warned!

We’ve also added relationship dialogues with companions, meaning you’ll be able to poke around in Red Prince, Sebille, Lohse, and Ifan’s heads like never before. But beware: You may not always like what you find.

Character Creation and crafting have also undergone a serious transformation. Together with the fact that you can now manage the formation of your party in a brand new interface, you’ll have plenty to try out.

You may have heard rumours of our mysterious fifth origin story - a sea-faring dwarf known only as ‘Beast’. With this update, you’ll get to meet (but not recruit) him for the first time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of stuff you’ll get to explore in this patch, so keep reading for the full scoop. (Hint: Unique origin skills!) We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these new additions, so please keep posting and pressing the send feedback button!

Savegame compatibility

This new version is not compatible with old savegames. However, if would like to continue your old savegames, we have made the old builds available on different Steam branches:

  • ea_version_1 for savegames made in version

  • ea_version_2 for savegames made in version

  • ea_version_3 for savegames made in version

  • ea_version_4 for savegames made in version

  • ea_version_5 for savegames made in version

To switch to a previous build, follow these simple steps:
1. In your Steam library, right click the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 and select Properties
2. In the Properties screen, click on the tab BETAS
3. In BETAS, click the arrow to open the dropdown
4. From the dropdown, select an old "ea_version_" branch and then click Close


  • Added the game’s starting level

  • Added new Character Creation screen

  • Added relationships between origin characters

  • Added new region and story progression at the end of Fort Joy

  • Added origin skills to origin characters and Timewarp skill to custom characters

  • Added ability to manage party formations via in-game menu

  • Added new loading screen


  • Updated crafting: complete overhaul. Added new crafting combinations, and fixed old entries.

  • Added completely new recipe books that unlock recipes in your crafting interface: discover new ways of crafting potions, arrows, grenades, scrolls, and gear!

  • Improved AI

    • Added better fallback behavior for when AI cannot find an ideal move

    • Improved positioning before casting skills

    • AI will now destroy items that are blocking its path

    • AI can handle sneaking characters better

  • Companions have relationship dialogs now in which you can discuss the current state of affairs. Furthermore, Red Prince has been rewritten to fit with his updated quest design.

  • Updated all player race animations

  • Updated VFX on several Early Access skills

  • Updated surface VFX

  • Updated sound for several skills

  • Updated several custom animations

  • Updated several quest related VFX

  • Improved interface behavior when dragging and dropping skills

  • Improved visibility of coordinates on minimap

  • Improved pathfinding

  • Improved player feedback when trying to equip items

  • Added indication of number of projectiles for several skills

Balancing and design changes

  • Weapon skills should not reset cooldown when switching weapons

  • Slightly increased surface damage

  • Cursed water and blood now apply Decaying Touch instead of Diseased

  • Heavy armour now provides small amount of Magic Armour

  • Mage armour now provides small amount of Physical Armour

  • Added some magic armour to Braccus armour set

  • Lightning bolt no longer forks once

  • Increase cooldown of Ground Smash

  • You can now use Source Vampirism from wands on corpses to recharge Source Points

  • Chilled status combined with burning should now correctly set Warm status

  • Enabled pickpocket during combat

  • Added separate status for healing by eating a bodypart

  • Increased Comeback Kid heal to 20% Vitality

  • All combinations of fire and poison now create explosions

  • Lifesteal is now based on effective damage instead of initial damage

  • Cone skills should not be blocked by movable items

  • Applied statuses like burning or poisoned no longer trigger reflection damage or necromantic lifesteal

  • Cone skills should no longer be blocked by movable items

  • Lightning bolt can now target items

  • Sucker punch no longer takes the range of the equipped weapon

  • Blinding Radiance now sets Blind directly and only on targets facing the caster

  • Increased damage to compensate

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed looping animations on certain skill effects

  • Fixed several quest updates and journal updates related to PVP quest migration

  • Fixed character outlines flickering sometimes

  • Fixed several cases of being unable to reach items

  • Fixed issue that would make Leya only remove 1 Source Collar instead of the entire party's collars

  • Fixed several dialog issues with Exter and Gareth

  • Fixed several alignment issues with NPC's

  • Fixed all items in the Seeker shelter still being tagged as their property even when they are all leaving the island

  • Fixed highlighting for Blinding Radiance skill

  • Fixed possible missing talents after loading a savegame
    Fixed issue where joining player would be blocked if he joined while the host was loading

  • Fixed being able to see enemy invisible rogues in Arena if they have blessed status

  • Fixed charges on items not depleting correctly under certain conditions

  • Fixed a multiplayer desync issue related to dialogs

  • Fixed issue with reassigning player characters that were controlling an incarnate

  • Fixed issue with skills not triggering correctly

  • Fixed chatlog scrolling issues

  • Fixed items being usable by different characters at the same time

  • Fixed several issues with combat turn order not showing up in certain conditions in Multiplayer

  • Fixed not being able to select AI as a player when arriving back into lobby after playing a match

  • Fixed issues with crimes continuously being investigated under certain conditions

  • Fixed skills not going on cooldown in certain cases

  • Fixed Camera reset after exiting a dialog

  • Fixed issues with multiple crime interrogations at the same time

  • Fixed visual issues with Slane the Dragon

  • Fixed being able to trade with Radeka right before combat

  • Fixed several outdated crafting recipes

  • Fixed issue with Voidwoken not appearing if you kill Alexandar outside of combat

  • Fixed being able to talk to polymorphed companions

  • Fixed issue that could cause you to get stuck underneath the level when using flight skill

  • Fixed crash when picking up loot containers

  • Fixed arrow and grenade interactions with items (like bonfires, torches...)

  • Fixed weapon skills leaving empty spaces in the Skillbar

  • Fixed Smelly status getting stuck even though it had worn off