Definitive Edition FAQ

Definitive Edition FAQ



We’ve noticed some questions that pop up a bit, so we wanted to provide some answers for you:


  • Question: I have the PC version and I've been playing the previous version. Are the savegames I still have from Classic compatible with the Definitive Edition?

  • Answer: Unfortunately no. The Definitive Edition's changes are too drastic. However, the Classic edition is still available to you on PC, so you can continue playing.


  • Question: Are mods from the Classic version compatible?

  • Answer: No, but modders are invited to update their mods to Definitive Edition.


  • Question: I already bought the game months ago / last year, do I need to buy it again?

  • Answer: No, on GOG and Steam you will automatically receive Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition for free!


  • Question: On console there was a pre-order bonus DLC, what about pc?

  • Answer: On PC, if you already own Divinity: Original Sin 2 Classic Edition or buy it before August 31st, you will also get the DLC for free!


  • Question: Where is the editor for the Definitive Edition?

  • Answer: The editor will be made available soon


  • Question: Where is HDR on PC?

  • Answer: HDR on PC will be added in an upcoming update


  • Question: Where is 4K on console?

  • Answer: If you don't have 4K support on console, you have to go online with your console and download and install the latest update.


  • Question: On console, my user interface looks corrupt and funky after playing for a long time.

  • Answer: This is a known issue that has been fixed in the patch that is online. Go online with your console and download and install the latest update. If you cannot update your game, a workaround is to fully exit the game, and explicitly quit the game and then restart it. (On PS4, go to the dashboard, select the game icon, press OPTIONS and Close the application. Alternatively, in the game, hold the Playstation button and close the application from within the Quick menu. Don't forget to save first if necessary.)


Remember, there are no bad questions. If you are not sure about something, or having problems with our game please feel free to reach-out to us at :