Game History

Game Timeline

Nov 1

First Design Docs Created

In 2014, we created the concept and original design documents for the game that would become Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Kickstarter Launched

The Kickstarter revealed the concept to the world. Through support of fans like you, we reached 43,000 backers.

Aug 26
Aug 26

Kickstarter Successful (12 hours later)

12 hours later, we reached our funding goal. The dream we shared with our fans would become real.

Kickstarter ends, over 2 million (2,032,434 - 42,713 backers)

The Kickstarter closed with over $2m in funding, and thousands of fans who would go on to shape DOS2.

Sep 30
Oct 27

Enhanced Edition DOS1 launch

We launched the Enhanced Edition of Divinity: Original Sin 1, giving fans an adventure to play while they waited.

Early Access launched - complete with multiple races and all of Fort Joy

Early Access launched with over 25 hours of gameplay and multiple playable races. We got tons of feedback and kept working.

Sep 15
Oct 19

Patches galore, and we showed stats for the first time

We released statistics based on player behavior for the first time. Players could really see how Early Access was making a difference.

Showing AI 2.0

DOS2's unique AI 2.0 system was shown to the world, driving the RPG genre forward. This created dynamic, challenging combat like nothing before.

Feb 2
May 9

First trip to WOTC offices. Showing them and KS the GM mode

Long before Baldur's Gate 3 was announced, we started planting easter eggs for our community. We took our GM mode straight to the DMs.

Matt Mercer stream with Jessie, Dodger, Strippin and Bikeman

DOS2 was taking the world by storm. Matt Mercer (Critical Role host and voice of Leon Kennedy) became a DOS2 Game Master and forged an adventure with friends.

May 9
Aug 1

Controller support confirmed, split-screen, four players across all four platforms.

After some time, we added controller support, split-screen, and four player co-op gameplay, which would then roll into the console releases.

Full voice acting announced. Orchestral soundtrack announced.

We decided to voice (nearly) every spoken line in the game. We fully voiced over one million words with some of the industry's best actors.

Aug 25
Aug 31

Collectors Edition revealed. UNDEAD revealed

The Collector's Edition was announced and sold out within 24 hours.

DOS2 launches, 93% rating on Metacritic, 94% User Rating on Steam

After the support of Kickstarter backers and our players in Early Access, Divinity: Original Sin 2 finally launched to critical acclaim. A 93 Metacritic rating, and 92,000 concurrent players overwhelmed and humbled us. The average play time was 55.5 hours, and we watched on as the reviews started to arrive. DOS 2 remains one of only 15 games to receive a 10/10 on GameSpot, and since then we've earned a BAFTA as well as numerous other awards and nominations. Thank you so much.

Sep 14
Nov 28

One million units sold

By November 2017, we'd sold over one million units.

PS4 and Xbox One announced, BNE partnership. Vinyl launched, Metacritic award

We already had split-screen and controller support, so we were ready to roll onto the consoles with our partner Bandai Namco Entertainment. The console releases were announced!

Apr 9
May 14

Feedback Billy

Boring forms be damned! DOS2 was coming to Xbox Game Preview, so we hired Feedback Billy, an in-game NPC, to pester players for feedback via in-game dialogue.

Chinese language added

Our fans in China reached out to us, and keen to support them, we released the Simplified Chinese version of DOS2.

May 16
Jun 21

Definitive Edition details announced: Sir Lora

Sir Lora (big ego, little legs) entered the fray on PC. He subsequently came to all platforms.

Definitive Edition launched

The release of the Definitive Edition (free to all players) came with a host of new features and content that re-defined the spirit of post-launch support.

Aug 31
Jan 31

Mac launch

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was the spotlight of Apple's new gaming hardware, prefacing its launch on Mac. We added great new MacBook features, like touch bar support.

Gift Bag 1 launched

Having released the Definitive Edition and features that make the most of each platform, we announced our intention to release Gift Bags ( free DLC running into 2020). Everyone who owns any version of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will have this content patched right into their game. No further purchases necessary!

Mar 8
Mar 27

Fallen Heroes Announced

March saw the announcement of the continuation of DOS2's story and characters in Divinity: Fallen Heroes, a new tactical RPG set just after the conclusion of DOS2.

BG3 announced

If you trace all the easter eggs we laid throughout the past three years, you may have caught on to a big announcement in June: we're making Baldur's Gate 3! More on that soon, but we're not finished with Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Jun 7
Sep 5

Switch announced and launched

In cooperation with Nintendo, the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Switch version was announced with support for cross-saves on Steam. Which means all the time you put into playing the game over the past few years can be carried with you anywhere in the world.

World's first AAA RPG on iPad!

Developed through almost 2 years in partnership with our friends at Elverils, this is Divinity without compromise. Featuring seamless splitscreen co-op, 60fps on the 2021 iPad Pro, touch, gamepad or mouse and keyboard controls and cross-play with PC, Mac and iPad.

May 18
Jun 2

All hands on Deck, Godwoken!

Divinity: Original Sin 2 was officially verified on the Steam Deck, enabling Steam players to seamlessly take DOS2 on the go with them!